Making sense of the “New Age”

Hey all, just want to gather some opinions from you. I’m always fascinated with research pertaining to multidimensional beings, ascension, planetary origins, etc but while I find all of these experiences and blogs with awesome stories, most of my research leads to the collective opinion that it’s a bunch of horse shit. Unfortunately one can’t […]

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Last Night’s Odd Dream

So to start this off, lately I’ve been interested on the research and functions of the pineal gland; the third eye. They say it’s our connection to higher powers and the likes, but it’s hard to actually prove so. I read some articles about “decalcifying” the pineal gland with certain supplements and eating better, and […]

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I’m back

Wow guys, I guess I all of a sudden vanished, didn’t I? I can’t tell you what really happened, I’m not sure. I suppose life just got hectic and I stopped, more so paused, my pursuit of a succubus romance. I just finished up my first semester if college and it all of a sudden […]

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Cold wind

So no progress has been made still, I have to admit I’m a bit disappointed. Although just about 20 minutes ago, I was driving to walmart and one time while my hand was on the stick, I felt a cold air brush the top of my hand for a few seconds. Granted, it is cold […]

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I talked to her

Last night I was on the hour drive to go visit my uncle and grandma. On the way there I was listening to some good ol Motley Crüe when it seemed like I was being pressed in my mind to talk to her. I turned off the music and began to just talk to her […]

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Just an update

I’m not really sure what to post about cause no progress has been made to mention. I’ve enjoyed my holidays and my time off from school, but I regret not trying to spend more time trying to make contact with my lady spirit. I’m thinking about bringing flowers home for her, maybe that’ll show her […]

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That damn Energy

So the last couple nights have been slow, but before that I had those energy spasms again. Over and over again. Sometimes it became so intense that I had to stop for a minute. Maybe it was just cause it was hot in my room, but I felt a heat along my back near the […]

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